Perhaps you’ve heard that our subconscious can’t tell reality from imagination?

That is why Olympic skiers “ski through the route” in their heads before a run. Professional golfers play the course before they put on their cleats. Visualization is a big contributor to confidence. When you see yourself in a confident situation, feeling confident, looking confident, confident, confident, confident… get it? You can visualize any situation or event and play it through in your head in a very confident way. You are usually doing this anyway, however; you are probably not on the positive plane and are telling yourself some pretty negative things.  

Why do we opt for the bad, the sad and the ugly? There is also room for the other side of the coin. Our nature seems to expect the worst and locks into the I am such a loser, I always say the wrong thing, I look fat, I ‘m an impostor and they can all see that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Seriously? Why is that stream of consciousness more valid than, I say the right and accurate thing in situations, I look great today, I have lots of experience and my experiences afford me a unique view that I can relate to people. This isn’t Pollyannaish thinking. It is not even false bravado. It is just the flip side of all that negative self-talk and equally as valid!

Visualization is the secret weapon.

It really is. Use this every day and set yourself up for winning. Not Charlie Sheen style winning, but honest sustainable winning. You can believe about yourself whatever you like. If you believe yourself to be confident, reliable, successful you will stand differently, speak differently, make eye contact, smile, all effortlessly. If you choose the dark side, then you will find yourself getting sucked down into a quagmire of brutal self-talk that leads you to the bar or a pint of ice cream.

It is a choice, one you are free to make, I am going to assume you want to stay on the rainbows and unicorns side of your brain.

Good choice, you’ll go far! By the way, you can still go to the bar just order champagne instead of beer!

confidence is key

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