473I have an aversion to my mailbox, not the digital one, the real one. I often forget to get the mail to the dismay of the letter carrier I am sure. She has to stuff all that direct mail garbage in a 5x5x11” metal tomb which I need an archaic key to access. There is nothing fun about getting the mail. 90% of it goes in the trash bin that is in the mail-room. All that wasted paper and energy makes my tree-hugging heart cry.

Occasionally there is a brief flutter of holiday or birthday greetings but I notice the decrease in numbers every year. I am a die-hard card sender, thank you note writer and nope… I would be lying if I said letter writer. I grew up writing letters to my grandparents in Florida, my cousin in Chicago, and my sweetheart away at college.

Pounds of paper, gallons of ink and stamps, oh the stamps! Are there even any stamp collectors left today?

What does writing a letter represent? A connection, a touchstone? It is something that you touched, created and held that they will then consume with their eyes. Its almost like cooking. I am not necessarily advocating for the post office. But if you wanted to really get someones attention. Try writing them a real letter and see if it creates some magic.

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