shutterstock_117996736Social was just a normal guy doing the normal guy stuff, but one day he met Media and her bright and shiny ways intrigued him and captured his imagination igniting his passion for life. He wanted to be with her forever.

Soc-dia, Med-ial, So-Me …..yeah that’s the one! So-Me, social media is so me, so you, it is your brand, your message and your connection to the world. As we all try to get our footing in this new and wondrous world of instant news, social shaming and fabricated truths we learn the hard way just how time consuming the whole social media game can be.

Who in the heck even needs it? Is it a distraction, an addiction or a new form of communication? Way back in 1914 when the telephone was becoming mainstream I am sure there were people who said why should I use that darn silly thing, I can just go over to John’s house and talk to him if I need to. Our world has gotten smaller and faster, calling John while he is on a business trip to London is now quick, cheap and reliable.

Same goes for the newfangled social media. Why do I need to tweet my breakfast? Well you don’t but – if you wanted to you could, you could become the next big thing, the breakfast guru tweeting breakfasts of the rich and famous all day long with millions of followers. THAT’s social media.

Social media, the great equalizer. It brings the world to your level, right on your own device. Ha!, not even necessary to use a computer, your phone is all you need. You can be on the same playing field as Taylor Swift or Prince George just by participating in social media. The trick is, finding your niche and which medias to play.

Engage yourself in a little social media you just might like it!

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