shutterstock_151862195Can you do two things at once?

Can you be two things at once?

You might really like classical music,

but love wearing ripped jeans and a skull tee shirt.

Doing two things at once, come on;

these days we constantly do more than two things once!

For example, a smart phone conversation while answering an email (oh, and you are at work).

A clothing brand that opens a café.

How can they be successful in such different businesses?

Fashion and food have a natural connection.

Design is at the core of both. Designers have exquisite taste and are involved in the world of finer things.

So why not create a cool café that is in line with the brand? Armani has been doing this for years.

Restaurants can also branch out into other business.

Mario Batali has 14 restaurants but opened a grocery store called Eataly.

Food, design and good living all go hand in hand.

If you know me, you know that restaurants are my religion. I know where to go, what’s hip, what’s not.

Friends always ask me first about new places. They know that I will have checked it out long before it goes mainstream.

See the slant toward my true, true, true-love?

During this lovely month, let’s dip into the fine world of cuisine, restaurants and bars!

Are you reading this post in Paris?

Try out this new café and let me know what you think: Café Kitsuné, 51 Galerie Montpensier, Paris!

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