shutterstock_145590946How in the world did skulls get trendy?

Have you noticed?

All those “sugar skull” motifs seem to be on everything, from jewelry to notebooks and even dog collars.

And FEAR- it’s become trendy too.

People seem to be really afraid of trying out new things for fear of upsetting the norm or losing what they have so painfully earned.

How do things become trendy? Color trends, motif trends, kitchen trends…

you know how now everyone wants stainless steel appliances.

It seems like it just happens.

How can you predict a trend or get out in front and ride the wave?

Be aware.

Look at various industries.

If you are in fashion, look at interiors for an eye opener, read or pick up different magazines than you normally would.

And don’t skip over those ads!

They are great trend indicators

Not only can you pick up on the newest trends, you can discern new target markets.

But wait, what about the skulls?

The skull trend goes to show you that things we may find uncomfortable or unappealing once we exposed over time become desensitized and accepting of that concept.

Trends can also be confining, be a trend breaker!

Ah, but YOUR fear revolves around fear of public speaking, (you knew it was coming back to that…).

There are small adjustments that you can learn which will ease your transition to becoming a better speaker.

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