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  1. In case you haven’t noticed, I jumped off the corporate ship last year and created a consulting business at  . My focus is on creating your magic message: in presentation, promotion and generating the confidence it takes to get your voice out there.
  2. Collaboration is cool, so I have joined forces with Jennifer Fresard at DreamBuilder in creating interactive, intelligent, fun and sexy websites. Check out our projects here
  3. Helping is good karma, you have friends, connections, networking contacts and can help me spread the word to anyone looking to update or create a website, work on their presentation abilities or needing a speaker for an event. You will be rewarded by my taking you out for a glass of bubbly! Attached is something you can easily forward to friends, family, contacts that link to show past projects.

Thanks for helping me spread the word! I really appreciate your assistance. Feel free to post the attachment on your social media too!


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