green bowYou’re worth it.

Sounds like an old hair color ad? Gift giving and receiving is a tricky business.

There is a lot of guilt involved in getting and in giving.

The biggest gift I can give to you is a giant dose of confidence.

Knowing that you are just as cool as the next guy, knowing that you can smoothly glide into the store and buy the right gift,

knowing that you’ve got this covered.

That is the best feeling of all.

Is there someone in your life that could use a boost of good old fashioned hutzpah?

Do you?

A student preparing for college interviews, a soon to be graduate who needs to know some business etiquette?

What if you have been taking care of your family for the last 20 years and now you are getting back into the workforce?

Are you the scientific type? You are book smart but come up short on the social smarts and need a clear map on how to manage a presentation or event.

Even real estate agents need to conquer the art of small talk, need help with that?

Confidence, yes confidence is the key to everything.

Want to give that key as a gift?


I’ve got just what you need. Complete with a gift certificate that can look all fancy.

Flip me a quick email and we can tailor your gift accordingly. Ho Ho Ho!

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