Your Personal Broadcasting System

Do you have days that everything goes wrong?

Burn your toast, spill coffee on a freshly laundered white shirt, traffic full of idiots, arrive at the office late, someone ate the last free donut, they call a dept meeting and the speaker is droning on and on …. The whole day goes down the drain.

But you’ve also had days that are stunning. Your hair falls perfectly into place, your outfit is killer, Your favorite song comes on the radio, you let people into your traffic lane.

Everything. Just. Goes. Smoothly.

We’ve all had both these scenarios, whatever you broadcast is equal to your point of attraction. The choice between surviving and thriving. Feel the difference between these 2 words? Surviving doesn’t feel fun, or light, or enjoyable. But thriving feels green, bright, sunny, zingy. Your mood and attitude drive your life.

What are you broadcasting? Surviving or thriving? When you have a bad day, you compound or magnify those heavy feelings by repeating the story over and over and over again to anyone who will listen about your trip down 95 or get your license renewed at the DMV. Repeating, relieving and entrenching the thoughts, feelings of this experience that you do not like. What are you broadcasting right now?

Think of days that something really wonderful happened, like you got a promotion, you got engaged, you won the lottery, won a race, got an award, something that kept you smiling all day long no matter what else happens. What were you broadcasting that day? Is your mood survival? Is your mood thriving? Whatever you are broadcasting out from you will be received.

Take some action to shift your mood, shift your attitude, alter your broadcasting frequency. To thrive, focus on those days you feel really good. Multiply those feelings, those stories, repeat that good feeling moment over and over. Change your mood to good feeling thoughts. Broadcast that! Shift from your survival mode to thriving mode. Reflect on what you are broadcasting before you hit the bad frequency. Keep yourself in thriving mode by broadcasting better feelings.


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