jan7Why are we so afraid to show our true strength?

We are confident, but then decide not to show it.

Confidence can be fun, freeing and relaxing.

You get tired holding up that mask and hiding the real you;

hiding makes you tense, unhappy and joyless.

Dropping the fear and breaking out the confidence jams,

dancing around the room a bit in your confidence suit,

that’s the ticket…

But just when you start to grasp this, all those killer fear balls start rolling in:

‘Who do you think you are?’, ‘Why do you think you can do this?’, ‘So many others are more qualified!’.

Sound familiar?

Winning athletes don’t go it alone.

World champ teams also need it.

What do they need, you ask?

A coach.

Less fear speaking in public, less fear presenting your concepts, less fear about the whole vision and direction of your business.

That is what confidence coaching can bring to you.

We are each so individual and unique, it is unnatural to follow a cookie cutter method that “one size fits all”.

Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes;

I can help you find the right combination just for you.

So keep 2014 fun and kick your fears to the curb!

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