Cha Ching!

abundance confidence is keyYES, that is the sound ringing in the New Year. As long as the cha-chinging is going to your account…

Are you looking for abundance?

Aren’t we all looking for some extra green in our bank?


Why am I asking so many questions?

The Simple Answer

Abundance mindset attracts abundance. Whether you are trying to attract more cash or more confidence the more you have the more you get. That is so frustrating! You’ll say, If I had lots I wouldn’t be trying to attract more, ijit! It’s our focus on the lack of something that keeps us lacking. If you are focused on ways to become more confident and take steps to increase those feelings you will grow in your confidence. Same as if you focused on ways to have more wealth, and you took steps toward that goal every day you would also increase your wealth.

Abundance and Why It’s So Great

It is not just about the more mentality, it’s about thriving in an abundant world. There are not a lot of stars in the sky, there’s a s-ht-ton of stars in the sky. The universe is overly abundant. There are not a lot of blades of grass there are uncountable blades of grass on the Earth. Snowflakes, grains of sand, leaves on trees, and the list goes on and on. There is so much abundance around us, it’s dazzling.

Grow your Confidence, Grow your Profits

When you work on your confidence you gain the chutzpah to raise your prices. You start to realize that you have value and knowledge and that, my confident friends, is simply worth more.  Of course, I am not talking about arrogance, but true honest trust that you are worth it. Start the New Year off on a confident foot!


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