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NEW! You have a site and you’re doing quite well, thank you, BUT… you’d love to have some snazzy snappy branded images for your blog, Facebook or Instagram account!

Get cool branded images made just for you.

10 pack $550

6 pack $375

3 pack $175

Ongoing monthly deals are also available.

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You have a burning desire to spread an idea, a concept or a way of changing a life. Before making it to the TED stage you need to join the TEDx teams and get noticed. TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” Independent organizers create a TED-like event in their own community need speakers just like you.

This coaching program will help you to create your message, in your own ‘voice’ and not sound like a washed version of something else. We will actively research, write polish and practice your talk and apply for TEDx talks. Serious training for a serious goal. 3 months. $3800



The best way to promote your business is to get out there and be heard. There are so many conferences and groups that want to hear what you do. Creating a clear message with a call to action is the KEY!

Nail down the message, clarify the presentation and insert a call or action or product sale is what we will create. 1 month intensive $1980



Learn all the ways of confidence creation, private sessions focused on exactly your needs in your actual life. Be more assured in your daily life, in business and take a quantum leap into the confident lifestyle. $580

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Here’s a cool poster for you. Use a wallpaper or pin it or print it and keep it in your wallet. Repeat this 3x a day!

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“In a world…” Yes that famous line to start epic movies, it is the ultimate in voice-overs. I can lend my voice for your voice-over for your video or presentation, including scripting.



YES, the big book of confidence is on the way!

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