shutterstock_145652603That’s right hell….

Ever sat through a painful PowerPoint presentation?

Bet you wanted to use those 50 bullet points to take out the speaker, right?

Why, why, oh why do people still make such awful PowerPoint slides?

Haven’t we all sat though enough to learn our lesson?

Let’s go over some key “points” to remember when creating one of these creatures.

  • People either READ or LISTENNot both. When the words appear behind you, everyone will start reading.
  • Never turn your back and READ from the screen.This is not Bedtime for Bonzo and you do need to read your audience. They are perfectly capable of reading the giant letters up on the screen, unless you have created a slide jammed with words. My favorite speaker comment is “sorry but this one’s an eye chart…”
  • Appeal VISUALLYThis is a visual medium and you should take full advantage of that! Yes, you can have some words, but keep it super brief and ‘sound-bitey’. Your audience will remember more if you give them less to remember. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it is true. Narrow down your message to the most important points. Use images where possible to convey your message.

Following these 3 suggestions will help you give a much more effective and well liked presentation.

Your boss will give you kudos,

your co-workers will applaud your stylish presentation and no one will be asleep in their chairs.

If you want to provide a hand-out of your slides, create a document with more information, but please, don’t jam it onto the screen.

Talk to your audience,

it’s called a speech not a read.

As your mother said… it’s not polite to point!

For powerful presentations without all that pointing:

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