prepping-race_aLast day of 2013! All the looking back and the looking forward….

I love the start of a fresh New Year, like crisp clean cotton sheets, or a new pristine notebook, the promise of everything new and fresh.

The New Year feels like you can start over;

hit the reset button with vim and vigor.

This is my review and reset list, see if it resonates with you, too….


Focus on health, on eating the right stuff, working out, walking, yoga

Smile more, a LOT more; this will lift my mood and those around me. (Besides we all look better smiling!)

F.U.N. add more fun to my life, stop being so seriously grown up, relax the rules a little and have more fun in all I say and do. Permission to have fun, granted.

Focus on how I want to feel, instead of a laundry list of things I want. Use these feelings as a guide to decide on how to proceed with projects.

Be the troubadour of confidence, the confidence ninja, spreading courage and confidence to anyone who needs a boost.
I wish you all an excellent New Year and am so honored that you signed up for my emails, thank you so much!

I write each one thinking of how I can inspire you to enjoy more confidence in your life.

I am so grateful for your attention.


Happy New Year, make it a confident one!

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