old truckThe new black is ‘hipster’.

The new trend look is old.

Hipster is a new cultural norm.

Why would you know or even care about the newest trends?

Well as an old-timey gent might say… ‘it’s what’s coming down the pike, son”. Trends flow into logos, brands, products, styles, foods, movies, colors, attitudes, life. Keeping abreast of cultural norms keeps you modern, updated. No one wants to be that crazy lady in the grocery who looks like she is stuck in the 70’s, but not in an ironic way. Following trends doesn’t mean you give up your personal style, it just means you are current.

You have already seen a hipster or two….guys with twirly mustaches and beards, gals with asymmetrical hair and tattoos galore!¬†Each generation thinks the generation below them is nuts. I love the new inspiration that this new cultural clash brings. I love the typefaces, the muted colors and the retro looks. Craft beers, farm to table, cold brew coffee, vegan and gluten free treats….yeah thank you hipsters.

When you are updating your brand, your haircut or your menu think about what’s trending. Be current. Be fresh. Be new. Oh yeah and you’ll need a little confidence with that dish… get some coaching.

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