How to create, manifest, and allow a trip to Paris.

You always say, wow, lucky, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris… but you never do. Why do you think it never happens?

It’s easy to book a flight, to get on a plane and to go. I have been journalling that I wanted a trip to Paris for a while. I wanted to go because…Paris, and I have friends in Europe that can meet me there. I’ve been many times when I lived in Germany. It was a fast train ride that only took 4 hours. But this time I’ve been stateside for a while and my mojo to get up and go muscle has not been getting much use.

So I decided. I picked a date, checked for flights and pushed go. Yes, there are things to arrange and to take care of but you would have that if you were going anywhere for a week. The point of this is to JFD which in polite terms means just do it! Be judicious with your words to yourself, if you want something, plan it do it. Don’t be a wannabe, wanna go.

Ok, right this all sounds too easy? You have doubts, you have excuses, you argue your limitations. It’s too expensive, I don’t speak French (fill in the appropriate language) I can’t go for a month. Do any of these ring true when you make your excuses for why you CAN’T go on the trip you always wanted? It is easier today than in the past. You can manage so much over the internet. You can also just go and figure it out when you get there. Actually, that is a great exercise for all you control freaks. Give yourself the initial hotel day but let the rest be a surprise. It is not even an issue with money. You can use your card for everything.

I just want to inspire you to go for it. Take the trip you want, don’t get bogged down with excuses. Pick. One. Place. It’s not a world tour, it’s just Paris, for a week. How cool is that?

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