tea 2There is nothing more British than tea…

OK, maybe the royals.

However, when you think of England you don’t necessarily think of tasty cuisine.

Bangers and mash anyone?

Of course, every country has fine, eclectic and hip eateries.

London is loaded with them.

On my very first trip to Europe, which started in London, I ate the perfunctory shepherd’s pie in a quaint pub and washed it down with some non-frosty beer.

I believe the trip ended with some very lame street vendor pizza and in between there was a full English breakfast complete with eggs, sausage, toast (toasted only on one side, of course) and tomatoes and beans (? really… at breakfast?).

Luckily, I have been back to London countless times and enjoyed some of the most amazing restaurants and meals I can remember;

from gourmet Indian, modern Turkish, classic Italian, funky Chinese in an old bank building all the way to Terrance Conran’s various establishments.

I also know that a bagel and cream cheese costs approximately $15 with exchange rates…ouch.

A miscalculation of the pound to D-mark to dollar exchange rate once resulted in the most expensive face powder I have ever purchased in my life.

I still own it.

If you want to know more about that first trip to Europe, click here: April 2012

Are you in London?

If you have some extra dosh, try a juice at Roots & Bulbs, 55 Thayer Street, London.

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