shutterstock_143320126Shake off all the cobwebs and revitalize yourself!

Oh yeah! Hell yeah!

Lot’s to get going on, get in shape for the beach weather, get the house organized, and get those ideas in gear.

How do you motivate yourself?

Images, rewards, quotes or are you more stick than carrot?

And how in the heck do those over achievers keep so darn “up” and active?

There are simple answers.

They choose to be that way.

Seems our default setting is on the negative or loss side.

But why?

There is just as much validity on the positive side.

I am not saying become totally Pollyannaish,

but I am saying that your physiology and the state you are in makes a B I G difference in your attitude

and the ability you have to motivate yourself.

This week, try it out.

Try believing in the best, the good side, that the universe is for you not against and see if it makes a difference.

Go on I dare you.

Motivate yourself right into something good!

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