nov18JFD means JUST EFFING DO IT!, (ok the “it” is silent) I learned about JFD when working for a big name mall retailer.

It was the motivation we needed to just get stuff done, no questions asked.

Sometimes questioning gets you all twisted.

If you want motivation, don’t question it.

Just JFD.

Ok, you can’t just go out and buy motivation like milk. (You know I had to reference milk somewhere).

But you can go out and buy support, by engaging a coach to help you train, or posting your goal somewhere publicly so the shame of not achieving your goal motivates you to JFD.

Getting someone to inspire you is not such a bad idea.

If you look at all the top rank sports figures, they all have a team of coaches to get them into peak performance mode.

There is no secret.

It’s the inspiration, the motivation, the support that gives them the power to continue and compete.

And they just get out there and JFD.

If you are honest with yourself, you will know if you are hiding from your motivation.

Afraid to really turn it on for fear that it just might work.

And then what?

Then you’ll have to deal with success and all its trappings.

Got motivation?

No? Then go get it!

How can you keep your motivation turned on?

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