It’s Movember, Check your Why.

Confidence is a funny thing, we let it get drained out of our minds when we are feeling overwhelmed. Why do we do this? And here we sit between holidays which are touted as being the most stressful of the whole year. Did you plan, shop, prepare, clean-up a giant family dinner? Did you decorate? Are you decorating the outside of your place now in festive lights? Shopping for gifts on Black Friday?

All the while comparing yourself to Martha Stewart or your cousin (who seems like a direct clone of Martha). Confidence? Not a lot to go around. You ate too much now your clothes don’t fit. Oh great, let’s throw “lose weight” into the mix. It seems like one thing after the other that is telling you, you are not good enough, smart enough, energetic enough…..

How in the world do you hold onto confidence in that s-storm of negative energy sucking flood of emotion? Change the question… instead of asking HOW am I going to manage, to get all this done.  Ask WHY.

Why are you cooking that dinner? To give my family and friends a happy experience and a good meal, but now it doesn’t seem so outrageously daunting. There is a perfectly GOOD reason for doing what you’re doing. Ask the WHY instead of the HOW question.

How am I going to get all this done this week? Why am I going to get this all done this week might allow you to prioritize some things right off your list. The why cuts through the how like a knife.

Why are you pushing? For love? For approval? How is overwhelmed, why has a reason. Why can narrow your focus to getting the feelings right. And if you know me I am all about the feeling good part. When you look at life it just doesn’t make sense to not feel good all the time. Having regrets is not a feel-good kind of thing.

Why can give you back your confidence to do what is really necessary. I am not saying don’t go shopping or make that big dinner or decorate the house from top to bottom. I am saying do it with why in mind and it will feel better. You will be in direct communication with your intuition which guides you to the feel-good place.

Where are 3 things to remember!

  1. Ask why instead of how  

  2. Feeling good is the point 

  3. Confidence is free

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