celebrateGoal is the favorite buzz word for January.

You can call it a goal, resolution, plan or an affirmation, but it’s all the same.

There’s the loose weight goal, the eat healthy goal, the get more exercise goal and the watch less TV goal.

Did you make some new goals for the New Year?

I had some super important goals that I completed in 2013,

sure I have new goals for 2014, but if I just turn the page and move on to the next list I won’t feel very satisfied.

I have learned that celebrating your accomplished goals is very profound and sets-up a pattern in your brain to achieve even more goals.

It also increases your confidence levels, the fact that you completed a goal and most likely you completed it in a winning manner.

These actions just heap on the confidence feelings in your brain,

which in turn creates a good environment for even more confidence building.

Regardless of the varying degrees of goal difficulty,

or the varying degrees of goal execution time, or the varying degrees of life changing effects,

take the time to enjoy,

celebrate and run willy-nilly through the streets shouting for each completed goal.

By acknowledging your achieved goals your brain thinks, ‘Ooooh this is a good thing, look how happy it makes her to complete this goal’.

Negative self-talk and grumbling affects our psyche, our health and our moods and most importantly our ability to achieve more goals.

Celebrating tells the brain this is good, let’s do it again!

If you can’t be your own cheerleader then who can?

Stop being so grown-up, serious and reserved, shout a little, juble, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

When you achieve a hard earned goal, go buy yourself a present, go to dinner

or at the very least stop and raise your arms in a victory stance but do more than just turning the page and starting a new list of goals.

Right now would be a good time to go do a little victory goal shaking dance for all that you achieved in 2013…

go ahead no one’s looking.

Want more confidence clues?

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