shutterstock_37012801Are you traveling to Europe this summer?

If yes, look for the gargoyles. I love gargoyles. They are weird looking protectors perched in every city. Originally the intent was architectural, to spout water away from the building so the water wouldn’t erode. They gave an “additional security” by scaring away evil spirits.

Notice how when you feel protected you are more confident? Maybe you should get yourself a gargoyle.

If you hesitate carting around a few thousand pounds of stone then get an imaginary gargoyle. A hidden protector that sits on your shoulder empowering you to be confident, stand-up and forge ahead. Does an imaginary gargoyle work as well as one carved from a block of granite?

Yep. I am afraid it is just that simple, as simple as convincing yourself that you can do it. It all goes back to the words of Glinda the Good Witch of the┬áNorth, you’ve always had the power all along. Sometimes we just need that outward appearance of help, the gargoyle or a confidence coach. Just a little back up to get your backbone back. Need that little extra? Email the word gargoyle to get a free quarter-hour confidence booster.

For gar-goyles or gar-boyles….


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