june11Just get on with it will you….

You made the decision, you are all pumped up, feeling unstoppable; then your train stops and you get off for just a day or 2 or 3, then it’s a week and you can’t get back on the ‘I can do it’ train.

Why? Did you lose your ticket or just your nerve? We all have that little negative voice that gets all the attention. It drags you down into the swamp of uncertainty and yup, fear.

Your feet are frozen, your brain chilled, your heart listlessly pining for relief. How do you turn your back on the icy fingers and let the sun shine back on your face? The answer you expect is to buck up, turn a blind eye and carry on…

well, hate to disappoint. Just the opposite: feel it, let it creep you out. It’s like that craving for a brownie, first you eat an apple, and then a handful of almonds… still thinking brownie.

Then you have a latte and maybe some yogurt with granola, which all sounds wonderfully healthy but you’re gonna keep eating until you satisfy the brownie urge or remove it by other means (exercise) and you’ve eaten more calories than if you just ate the darn brownie.
Feel it. Feel the fear. Then do it anyway.


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