87177005Where do you find your freshness?

Do you revive yourself after the long winter with some kind of spring ritual?

March always feels ‘green’ to me.

Fresh green grass, tiny little leaves budding, it’s a cool bright kind of green one that revives and enlivens.

Color has a big effect on us. There are tons of studies and color consulting companies.

Firms spend a lot of money researching what color to make a logo or in choosing a color pallet for a store.

Building confidence is about building momentum and utilizing everything that can help.

So use color to your advantage.

Fresh perspective and creativity can be inspired by colors.

We all have a favorite color.

As kids we demanded our favorite colored game piece or we wouldn’t play.

Colors are one of those things that we can have a choice that is always 100% right.

Being certain about your favorite color earns you some confidence point’s right there.

Can you bring some color into your life to help you create a new idea or concept?

How does color affect you?

And of course…I want to know your favorite!

I am busy creating my fresh new idea of combining confidence with restaurants and it will include my favorite color, spring green.

MIAMI TIP, for fresh: Jugofresh, 222 NW 26th St., Miami, FL.

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