shutterstock_111430286I have been called the Confidence Ninja.

I like being the fearless super hero of confidence, spreading powerful courage to all who feel like they have lost their key.

Because you know, just like Dorothy had the power to go home all the time, each one of us does have the key to confidence. Confidence is the KEY to absolutely everything!

Sometimes is it just misplaced… like when you lose your keys and run all over the house looking.

Looking in the fridge, the garage, in the bathroom, then you find them in some weird place like a window sill.

Fearlessness and confidence are made of the same material. It is a 2 for 1, if you have one, you get the other free. What are 3 ways you can “find” your lost confidence?

Let’s use the KEY

K- Keep neat, yep. Dress well. Lackadaisical, that is what the teachers would say about us wearing blue jeans; it will give you a lackadaisical attitude. Of course, times have changed… but there are jeans and there are jeans… you know the difference. (50 points for that word by the way…). Don’t you feel more powerful when you have on a great outfit, shoes, and lipstick? Yeah, that feeling is confidence.

E- Encourage yourself. Even rock stars pump themselves up before a show. I use my Confidence is Key board on Pinterest. I flip through the images and quotes and that helps put my mind on the right track. Use the superhero pose, arms up, feet planted for 2 minutes. This actually changes your physiology and you will feel a burst of energy which will lead you to feel more confident.

Y- You are enough. Repeat. Everyone has this same issue. You really are enough, more than enough. We are the only thing holding us back from experiencing fearless confidence.

It’s OK to fake it till you make it, meaning, if you have to go to another city and walk around the mall practicing your confident stride, smile, and demeanor, then do it. Pretend to be Oprah or Martha, very confident chicks. Take the focus off yourself, push forward because of the cause or the situation, the overall benefit if you really did express your confidence.

Then practice. You had to practice tying your shoes, playing piano, anything that you wanted to master you practiced. Same deal here. The more you use your confidence the more confident you will become.


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