shutterstock_111053234Ever show up unsuitability attired for an event?

In southern Florida that happens to northerners a lot.

The casual art of living in 100% humidity and a vacation atmosphere trickles over into the business world like the sweat trickling down your back in September.

(You thought August was hot!)

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the dress for success boast, but things have and haven’t changed.

There is a fine line between what’s tasteful and what’s a no-no.

An easy rule for the office: wear the same level of professional clothes as your boss or CEO (whichever job you are after).

Mirror their look and you will look the part.

This optical confirmation, together with your hard work, will give you an edge when they are choosing between you and the office jeans and gators T-shirt wearer.

Looking the part is part of the dance.

People are making unconscious judgments about you way before you open your mouth.

Dressing with style and accuracy is a huge confidence booster.

Stack the deck in your favor!

Dress a little bit better than expected; it will give you a polished professional profile that people will remember.

So if the office is casual, choose the high end of casual.

Relaxed dress codes are fine, but be aware of the fact that your confidence is directly affected by your appearance.

OK, now that we’ve got your look straightened out, how do you sound?

Umming, ahhing? That just won’t do when you are dressed so confidently!

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