dec3-13Wouldn’t it be great to just pull up to the Department of Energy and get a refill?

Energy really affects your confidence level.

If you are tired, stressed and distracted your confidence will be compromised and you will not be a happy camper.

2 ways to boost energy levels to increase your confidence:
#1. Sleep… more.

Being well rested gives you a better base to work from and allows you to make confident decisions. Plan ahead to give yourself catch up time after big events and hectic tasks, use naps, early to bed, anything that will keep you topped up in the sleep department.

#2. Eat… right (you know green stuff).

Eating a lot of sugar, well you know where that lands you. Include green stuff… if you can’t include the leafy stuff then stop at a store and buy a bottled green drink (at least). Keeping the greens in your body will insure a healthy flow of vitamins to be included in all that fat, sugar and alcohol that is so fun to consume!

HA! Well that was easy!!!!

Yep, it is pretty simple to boost your energy level which naturally influences your confidence.

When you feel better you also feel more confident.

Your thinking is not clouded and your stomach is not distracting you.

There’s no mystery to confidence, when you feel good you are more confident!

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