296 (1)Solo-preneur is the newest buzz word and if you think you are one, read this. Most solo entrepreneurs work in tandem with other contractors, designers, legal assistance and other specialists, how is that alone?

Let’s just get right to the heart of the matter, we work better together. All of us have strengths and weaknesses. What better way to enhance your weaknesses than to collaborate with someone whose talents compliment where you need it most. You’ve seen them, flocking to the local coffee house, plugging in their laptops, hooking their big messenger bags on the backs of chairs, marking the space as occupied. Everyone looking over the top of the device to see who comes in, who goes out. We all yearn for connection. Solo is so dead-o.

Hook up! Get a buddy, partner up, don’t face it alone. When one is weak the other is strong,

someone to listen to the ideas, sort through the issues. The pleasure of depending on your mate is rewarding. I am talking about a business marriage, you can go slow and just live together first for a while, no harm done. Then when you  have worked out the bugs and are both clear and ready, take the plunge.

To see a real-time collaboration check out – this combines the savvy sexy webdesigns from Jennifer Fresard at and the magical content messages from Michelle Balaun at This collaboration is making waves, creating excitement and is generally just a lot of fun. Do it, collaborate, don’t stand alone.


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