Dog-Smile-2Smiling gives you energy.

It’s like a solar power cell when you turn on a bright smile you feel more energetic.

I am not talking about a simple grin;

I mean the all out 100% dentist-induced 1000 watt Hollywood smile.

The kind of smile you would wear if you won the lottery,

or got to meet your favorite star, or signed that big deal.

Practice that winning smile in the mirror if you need a little confidence boost.

Practice it so you can create it on demand.

Pull that smile out every time you need to ask a question, to order something,

every time you interact with another human.

Your smile will give you confidence and a big BONUS;

it will make the other person feel at ease.

Isn’t that great?

It’s a 2 for 1!

Both the smiler and the smilee will get an energy jolt.

Creating confidence requires a little effort on your part.

A small action like smiling will change your mood so use with caution!

If you want to increase your energy, alter your attitude and become a joy to be around, smile away!

Unless you would rather be a bah humbug….

Need more tips on how to pull off a full unabashedly huge smile? Email me :+)

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