Get pumped up! What? 

Wait, do I have to lift weights?

Getting pumped up is different than visualize because it is not about the vision of what you are going to do it’s about your general mood.  There are 3 areas that you need to stimulate with motivation and movement.  Visualization, stance are part of the ‘pump you up’ system. Remember the tirades of Mohammed Ali? He used his words to uplift, motivate and create an unbeatable shield around himself. He intimidated his opponent before the first punch was thrown because he pumped himself up.

Let’s break this down, starting with motivation.

Self-motivation is the base of getting yourself into the right frame of mind.  You know how sometimes you don’t feel like going shopping or visiting your aunt. Other times you go with a smile on your face, your mood/motivation is key. One way to create motivation in this lovely age of digital magic is to create a confidence board on Pinterest. Collect and pin quotes, sayings, and images of confident people, anything that ups the ante for you. Here is the link to my confidence board; you are welcome to follow it for updates. 

Before a big meeting, a call or presentation pull out your phone and read the pins on your confidence board. This is something you can do on the sly; no one will know, they’ll think you’re reading an important email. 5-8 minutes of reading intensely personal motivating quotes will get your mindset turned in the right direction. Believe me, 5-8 minutes on Pinterest goes by in a blink of an eye.

Get out of your chair! 

confidence is key

Next is how to stimulate through movement. This is a bit like the stance lesson where you stand in the victory pose.  Another option is to have a power move, like pumping your fist in the air saying yeah, yeah, yeah, or I can do this. Make some kind of movement that requires you to get OUT OF YOUR CHAIR! There is one sure way to kill motivation and that is to sit down. That kills the vibe dead. Hop, jump, dance, wiggle, high kick, do anything to get your blood flowing and your motivation and confidence quotient will rise.  That’s a promise! Fast quick powerful movements ignite you and pump you up.

In addition to dancing around, adding some tunes will also bring more to the experience. Music can steer your mood right where you want it to go. It’s an easy link via anything electronic to hear a quick blast of tuneful motivation. 

Now you have the tools to get pumped up. Motivation, movement, add some music and use Pinterest quotes, to enhance the feeling of power and confidence.

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confidence is key