• If you give yourself the opportunity to experience the TrueSelf Branding workshop, led by the outstanding Michelle Balaun, be prepared to dig deep, be vulnerable, connect, make insights and bring your essence to all aspects of your life. Worthy every second of a full day, worth every penny. Take it from this Inspired Family Peacemaker ????

  • Truly feeling bold and brilliant after the True Self Branding day with Michelle Balaun. Thank you, Michelle!
  • Michelle Balaun recently did some marketing work for us for an event that we wanted to promote. I started with an idea, and Michelle was very good at listening to what I wanted and translating that into actual advertisements, facebook events, and email to send out to our target audience. She came through with the ads and email when she said she would. Overall, we are very happy with her work and level of efficiency. We would definitely come here first for any future work!

    Fadwah Halaby Midwife360 LLC
  • Michelle is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. She is very thorough in everything she does and can be depended upon to get the job done. Michelle leads by example and many people at Dream and Do find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. An energetic and broad-minded Co-Founder and CEO - that's her! Detail oriented team player. Besides being a joy to work with, Michelle is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. She is an asset to any company. Brian Walt, Owner/Managing Director at Personal Time Promotions

  • Share Ross, Founder of Video Rockstar University Michelle understands the art of speaking like no other. Gently guiding,lovingly directing and helping you deliver your message in a clear and focused manner that will have impact. Amazing!  

    Share Ross, Founder Rockstar University
  • I needed a professional website quick, and by quick I mean overnight. I gave Jennifer and Michelle the details of what I wanted and within the specified 24hr rush time, they presented me with 2 unique options. Quick, professional and right on the mark for my concept, I found working with them as a team to be an extremely easy process. I highly recommend their expertise for anyone looking for the perfect expression of your concept.
    Craig Sizer, President FunCoolFree, Miami​
    Craig Sizer President, FunCoolFree, Miami
  • Confidence is the first word that came to mind when I met Michelle. I am not surprised that she is now in the business of helping others increase theirs. Michelle has definitely helped me increase mine. More than that, she helped me uncover areas of improvement that I didn't even know existed - having gone down a path of routine and comfort for far too long. Michelle didn't just provide me with helpful information and tools, she provided me with solid advice - by LISTENING. She is the epitome of an excellent coach.

    Lou Brown, Manager and Associate Actuary
  • Jessica Williams, Founder of TechBizGurl, Chicago, Illinois I went to Michelle because I was freaking out about an upcoming speech.  I had to prepare a short biography within 30 minutes and then deliver the speech a few days later. Michelle was totally calm and gave me some quick pointers. She also sent me a prep guide to prepare for my speech including a short bio, talking points and a nice structure to follow for my 10 minute talk. After receiving Michelle's help, I felt calm, confident and ready to go with a plan for my speech. If public speaking gives you the blues and you need a cheerleader in your corner that can help you shine, I definitely recommend Michelle!

    Jessica Williams, Founder of TechBizGurl TechBizGirl
  • Dr. Emile Allen, M.D. Author, Speaker, Crisis Management Expert, Palm Beach, Florida “ It was a pleasure to work with Michelle during the preparation and delivery of TEDxBocaRaton. She put her heart and soul into the event and it showed by the event being a huge success. Her project management skills shined from the back stage to the audience. TEDxBocaRaton wouldn’t have happened without Michelle.  

    Dr. Emile Allen, M.D., Author, Speaker
  • I needed a voice-over to introduce and explain the functions of my company's website. Unlike any resource ever seen in its industry, it must be explained to users. Having heard Michelle at many Toastmaster events and meetings, I knew she would be perfect for the job and I was not disappointed. Her work turned out even better than I'd expected, and the voice-over she provided has been a tremendous asset in trade show presentations. Professional in every way. Douglas Shachnow, CEO, WorldBrowser, Boca Raton

    Douglas Shachnow CEO, WorldBrowser, Boca Raton
  • Una Bruen, Independent Fashion Consultant and Rep, London, UK I had the privilege of working with Michelle for 10 years in Europe and the Middle East. Michelle is a natural leader and her creativity and excellent communication skills were inspirational while working with her. Michelle is a very energetic and articulate person with an international outlook. Her eloquence and dynamic presentations during training sessions never failed to captivate and motivate her audience. Michelle’s enthusiasm and positive outlook will undoubtedly help anyone working with her to build self-confidence and better communication skills.

    Una Bruen, Independent Fashion Consultant and Rep
  • Sondra Steinhauer, Actress and Presenter, Boca Raton, Florida “ Michelle is a highly intelligent, forward thinking person. One who can create, follow through, and think "outside of the box". She has been invaluable to me, helping me and encouraging me to go forward in “My Little Business”. She created and designed a fabulous brochure so that my clients could get a complete picture of what I have to offer, and then updated my bio, to be more attractive and appealing. She is someone who is enthusiastic, and encouraging, with a sparkling personality. Someone who knows how to get things done! I am grateful for her input, and her friendship.”

    Sondra Steinhauer, Actress and Presenter
  • Sophie Bujold, Social Media Coach, Vancouver, BC “ Michelle was a real life-saver when I was asked to create new keynote topic almost overnight. Her insights and encouragement allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and deliver suggestions that I was proud of and that stood out from the crowd.“

    Sophie Bujold, Social Media Coach
  • Birgit Teichmann, Landscape Architect, Berlin, Germany Michelle was a very reliable partner in helping me prepare presentations and workshops for conferences in San Francisco and Toronto. She was able to bridge the cultural gap with wording that was right on target. She gave the motivation that I needed to accomplish this challenging task. Her instinctive flair for timing and creative handling of the theme to capture the audience really impressed me. In just a short time Michelle translated my presentation accurately and in the correct vernacular of Landscape Architecture. Thanks in large part to Michelle, my keynote presentation was a success.  

    Birgit Teichmann, Landscape Architect Teichmann LA
  • Peter M.T. Agbeyegbe, Toastmaster, Florida, USA Yesterday at Toastmasters, apparently, I did well. I used the method you told me about -- knowing my stories, instead of memorizing a speech -- and it went over well. Although I did not win as the best speaker, yesterday, I received so much positive feedback; it's amazing. And, I was very nervous. There were four speakers total, and after seeing the other three wonderful speeches, I did not want to disappoint. Thanks for your advice. It definitely helped my confidence, and I'll use your method again.

    Peter M.T. Agbeyegbe, Toastmaster
  • Marion Endter, Global Business Partner HR, Paris, France “ I know Michelle from a scholarship for exchange students in the United States and Germany. She is an asset to every team, in professional as well in private life. She possesses many years of international working experience in executive management positions for small, medium-sized and multinational companies in Germany and America. Michelle's talent to adapt, and understand both business and people has resulted in a profitable outcome. Her creative ideas, cooperative management style, initiative, convincing manner and reliability are an advantage Michelle brings to all situations. She has an excellent understanding of strategic management and of future trends within a global economic context and contributes outstanding ideas to every project. It's a great pleasure to work with her.“

    Marion Endter, Global Business Partner HR
  • Gudrun Andersson, Jusuru Int'l Independent Distributor, Boca Raton, Florida, Stockholm, Sweden Michelle has been instrumental to me in regards to starting my own business. ince I'm not a native English speaker, my professional language was not the best. It has improved greatly from working with Michelle and I am more confident when discussing my product. She is also a very good self help guru who always has good advice for my questions and insecurities.I would not hesitate to work with Michelle again, she has proven to be very reliable, honest and sincere. She improves not only ones language, but also oneself. She is not afraid to speak her mind and always puts her clients first. After working with her, I can truly say, Michelle adds flavor to one’s life!

    Gudrun Andersson, Jusuru Int'l Independent Distributor
  • Paula Zitrin, Boca Raton, Florida I first met Michelle in a Toastmaster’s Class. Her speeches are wonderfully captivating, exuberant, and entertaining. In addition to her relaxed, professional style, Michelle always exudes so much confidence…the very thing I lack most. So when I discovered she is a confidence coach, I jumped on board. Who better to take confidence lessons from than an expert herself? Michelle is passionate about this subject. She is incredibly organized, creative, and diligently follows through with homework assignments and reminders to be confident via pinterest boards. In addition, her very supportive and upbeat attitude guarantees that her students emerge as confident people. She settles for nothing less! I feel so fortunate to be learning so much from her…and having so much fun!

    Paula Zitrin, Boca Raton
  • Barbara Collins, Executive Assistant, Diamond Bar, CA Michelle is one of those spirited individuals who approaches life with an irrepressible enthusiasm and confidence that she can confront any and all challenges and emerge smiling and triumphant on the other side. Having recently decided to divorce myself from an unfulfilling and stressful professional situation, I was in dire need of an infusion of confidence to enable me to launch myself on a new career trajectory. I turned to Michelle because she possesses the drive and the tools to help me. And help me she did. Through a series of phone calls and e-mails, Michelle gave me the encouragement I needed, and today I am excited that I can achieve the bright and rewarding future I have always desired.

    Barbara Collins, Executive Assistant
  • Paula Bloom PhD, Atlanta I've done a fair amount of professional speaking and am a regular cable news contributor. So, when I was invited to do a TEDx talk, I figured "I got this." Well, it wasn't until working with Michelle that I realized how much help I needed. She taught me how to distill, edit, organize and all of this while COMPLETELY encouraging my own voice and style. Her feedback was direct with a big dose of humor. She has the ability to easily move from big picture to the most nuanced details--a powerful skill. She used her years of experience to guide, without a trace of arrogance. I am so grateful to Michelle who not only helped me with this particular talk, but gave me tools for all future presentations.

    Paula Bloom PhD
  • Pascal Depuhl, Cinematographer, Miami     ...catching light in motion! “ I tell stories for a living. They're always carefully crafted and meticulously planned down to the split second in my films and photographs. Standing in front of a live crowd at a recent TEDx talk is similar, but also very different. Michelle was great in helping me get what I was trying to say into the 5 minute time slot and was a great support in facilitating all that goes into making a successful speech - from the concept, to how it was said, to the visual presentation, to guiding me through all the behind the scenes stuff. Thanks Michelle, really appreciate your help and guidance. Pascal Depuhl tells passionate stories using photographs and videos, that bring his clients visions to life.  

    Pascal Depuhl, Cinematographer Photography by Depuhl
  • John Englander, Author, High Tide On Main Street, Boca Raton  Michelle Balaun is a great coach for presentations and public speaking. Regardless of your experience level she can show you how to have greater impact, clarity, and confidence. Michelle was a tremendous help to me in preparing for my TEDx talk. It was a pleasure to deal with her.

    John Englander, Author, High Tide On Main Street

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