Power Positions can Create Confidence 

Before going into your next big meeting, sneak off to the restroom and get into a cubicle. Trust me you don’t want anyone to see you do this… raise your arms in the V-victory position. Like you just ran through the finish line ribbon of the Boston marathon! AWESOME! You are victorious! Jump up and down a little too, really celebrate that achievement, and keep those arms up! Do this for 2 minutes. No, really, set your phone timer. Holding this victory stance for 2 minutes changes your physiology. You will feel more elated, more energetic.  

Like a BOSS, like a SUPERHERO, like a ROCKSTAR!

victory arms

Rockstars don’t just sit in a chair and wait till someone says OK time to go on stage. All performers have some kind of ritual that they use to increase their energy and create confidence to go out on stage. Use this secret to your advantage! Create a pre-confidence ritual. You can relax a little more knowing that the way you appear can be more memorable than what you actually say. So appearing more confident is a super huge booster.

Other powerful positions you can take to gain or appear more confident is the “Royalty” pose. Sit wider, open your stance, shoulders back, head slightly tilted up, take up more space. Claiming more space automatically makes you look more confident. This stimulates the testosterone levels for men and women that are linked to confidence and courage. Bonus – it lowers cortisol the stress hormone so appearing confident is actually good for you!

Widening your stance changes your center of gravity and you look more solid and confident than if you would stand with your feet touching. Giving the appearance of confidence will also translate into your feeling more confident. It not only works on those around you, it works for you too!

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