rabbit sunHave you ever seen it?

I have.

They really do run around behaving oddly, jumping vertically, boxing, etc.

Most animals they instinctively know what to do and when.

Something in their head tells them, do it, and now is the time.

All. Of. It.

They don’t worry about looking like a fool or appropriate behavior.

They feel the urge to jump, dance, run and they do it.

I’ve said it before:

Spring is my time,

I think it is actually the real new year.

Now is when everything springs into action.

Shake up your routine, do some March hare running around.

This will definitely break the dull dingy pattern of life that you have been blindly following.

Is the groove that you’ve dug in the ground with your repetitive behavior quite deep after 10, 15, 20 years?

Now is your new start! Now is the time the chance the sign.

This is it.

Do it NOW.

That is all.

Thank you.

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