ty4baf (1)The new year brings new ideas, new inspirations. It takes courage, compassion, knowledge and organization to build confidence. In case you haven’t noticed, I jumped off the corporate ship last year and created a coaching/consulting business at . My focus is on message, presentation and promotion and generating the confidence it takes to put your message out there. Out there for all to see.

Speeches, PowerPoints, Websites, Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, yeah all that and more.

My Coach-Biz

Confidence to speak in public, create a presentation or streamline a message needs direction. I am your private studio director, coaching, co-creating and yes, cajoling you to polish your public persona in speech, in writing, in presentation. The specifics needed are unique to you and your situation. Coaching can be virtual or in person.

My Web-Biz

Collaboration with, our focus is to build creative, fun, sexy websites that takes your business out of the box and highlights its uniqueness. Check out  website for a showcase of some recent projects.

If you are still reading, GREAT! That means you’re interested or have a contact for me that might need my services. Go ahead and forward away…to anyone who is looking to refurbish their website, creation of a new website complete with marketing and social media content or on the verge of a speaking gig or a job-defining presentation.

Be sure to send me a quick mail with their contact info so I can reward you! Thank you for being a friend….. (Que the Golden Girls theme song, I do live in Florida after all….)

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.