Hustle and Bustle

We’ve all been at this holiday thing for a while now. No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time, it can be hectic. My message of confidence… just stop. Stop and be present wherever you are whatever you are doing. Don’t do 12 things at once. Pick one and stick with that. Yes, that will appear confident and you will be more confident that you aren’t forgetting something. Just one thing at a time.

be-nice be-thoughtful

Christmas Confidence Countdown

That stretch before the ‘Big-Fancy-Day’ can be the most troublesome, again my confident advice. Stop. Slow. Presence. Reduce the amount of input you are inputting. Fewer lights, action, and selfies. That also includes treats and libations. You can experience all the stuff around you but take it in small amounts. Little bits. Sometimes we can be very satisfied with not so much. The satisfaction might come later, but it will be there.

be-fun be-satisfied

For Sure

What you know for sure is that each day will unfold with many exciting options, some more exciting than others. Choose one, be there 100%. Let go of the doubt, the judgment and the constant stream of blah blah blah that is running in a loop in your head. This confidence countdown is to help you focus and take things one day at a time. Be certain that what you are doing is just fine. Be happy that you have so much abundance in your life. Cause, come on if you are reading this you at least have electricity and some newfangled device in your hands. Be happy, be lucky. Smile. To achieve calm, I rely on meditation, and I know that it can slow your pace if you let it. It really is all up to you. In the end, we all get the face we deserve.







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