celebrate-2Christmas parties, impromptu speeches, toasts of good cheer…

the ultimate public speaking challenge for folks who are not naturally drawn to be the center of attention.

How are you coping?

Hiding under the buffet table?

Maybe you are making sure to excuse yourself to ‘see a man about a horse’ (ladies that means going to ‘powder your nose’).

But why play shy?

Learn 4 easy steps to speaking with confidence… yep, a little present for you! Right now! Use them tonight!

#1. Know what you’re talking about and talk about what you know. You will be comfortable and more likely not forget what you want to say.

#2. Breathe…seriously, don’t hold your breath. Hostesses hate it when you pass out on the shrimp bowl. Pause and breathe instead of saying ‘um’.
If you breathe your voice will sound more natural and not nervous or hurried!

#3. Don’t be a bore, leave them wanting more! Narrow your message to short memorable sentences.

#4. Smile, really this will make you and the audience feel much better!
Confidence is free; there is plenty to go around.

No limits on the supply!

Follow my Pinterest board Confidence is Key for inspiration

Just flip through those images before you go to an event or get up to speak.

Set your mind to its confidence setting.

Merry Christmas!

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