ae2906d90d9828b2e3b480f7e9128377All the single ladies,

have you ever asked a guy out for a date?

I know the whole ritual and the rules but stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something like asking a guy out…you know, just like you would like to be asked out.

Ok, so maybe you set yourself up for a rejection,

how bad is that? He just might say yes!

But wait – you are going to need some confidence and belief that you can ask for what you want.

All the together couples,

can you ask your partner for love?

Can you ask for what you really want?

This is the person you trust, love and adore but you are afraid to ask for love?

They could reject you; maybe you haven’t been very loving lately.

Ask for some forgiveness and then ask for the love.

In general we can all ask for more love in our lives.

Love from our friends, parents, kids, and life.

Being conscious of love will increase your focus.

Increasing your focus will make love bloom in your life.

Ask for love. Ask for abundant love, joy and happiness.

Ask for everything lovey to come into your life.

Chances are better that it might happen if you actually ask!

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