180265215That is my way of saying think abundantly.

Ask for first class service, ask for champagne not just wine, ask for the upgrade.


Asking for the best is uncomfortable, it brings up ideas of our worthiness.

Who are you not to be worthy of the best?

We are all deserving of the best.

We have just forgotten that we deserve it.

Did you know that everyone struggles with this warped idea that they are somehow not enough?


The Pope, the president, even The Donald… ok well maybe there is one exception.

Where in the heck did we get this idea that we are not enough?

It is so not true.

We are abundantly enough, smart enough, attractive enough, rich enough, clever enough, healthy enough.

We have it but we don’t believe we have it.

That is where confidence can help.

Confidence to ask, ask for the best. Ask for more.

The more you have the more you can share.

The more you are abundant, the more you will look around and see what you can do for others.

Like that oxygen mask on the plane.

Put yours on first, then help others.

Ask so that you can do good in the world.

Ask for champagne.

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