Today would have been my mom’s 97th birthday. She was born on the last day of April and I was born on the first. I really feel that April is a magical month. I really love all the crazy weather April wreaks on us. A special appreciation for the month and for my mom. I guess we don’t appreciate our mom’s until we don’t have them around anymore. Or maybe I was just lucky to have such a cool mom. Don’t get me wrong, we were both very opinionated and strong-willed.  I love this picture with her tongue sticking out when she was concentrating. Her dad did that too. So many things we have in common and stuff like that we don’t.

Yeah, this is sort of melancholic, it will be 5 years since she is gone. Wow, time… you know…

Marian was super creative. She could dance and sing, she was a director of plays and also an actor. She could make candy. Often she would make these sugared nuts on a Sunday. She loved nuts, hated mushrooms. Most know her as a knitter, she made so many things for so many people. The coolest was a black sequin dress with jumbo sequins she made for Mary who worked at #9. (Or at least that is what I remember) It must have been 1968? I liked running my hand up and down the dress to make the sequins change direction much like those ‘mermaid’ pillows that are out now. Everything is cyclical.

If you still have your mom around, go hang out with her and give her a hug. Trust me there will be a day in the future when you wish you could. She is more than my mom, she had a special and amazing life. Thanks mom, for all the fun stuff you did.



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