Thank You.

I know that sounds really strange in light of the impending destruction of this very serious hurricane. It is not a thank you to Irma, but to all the people who help. Thank you to all the state and city workers who are ready to tackle all sort of menacing weather to reinstall power, keeping clean water flowing. Driving trucks laden with gas, food, water. Thank you to the emergency services, police and fire departments for being ready to be a first responder in times of trouble.

Thank you to all the people who smile during this very tense situation. Thank you to all the friends who send wishes for safety and love. My anxiety level is high but somehow I feel confident I will be ok. I have prepared and now wait. For the rain, for the wind, for it to be over. I look out my window at the beautiful trees that I know will be leafless soon. The eerie calm is the lack of normal living tempo. No one is going to work, nothing is getting delivered. Houses are shuttered against the coming winds. It feels like a ghost town. But nonetheless, thank you.

Thankful that many hurricane improvements have been made to make recovery faster, thankful for the strong structures around me, thankful for living in a well-developed country with infrastructure, (even though it is in disrepair, it is still strong enough). I can’t indulge in hype and worry right now. I can indulge in this wonderful thank you note to all out there that will be working hard to show up and get the job done once the storm has passed.

Many thanks.

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