How Much Do I Love Parties?

What defines a party? Do you need at least 1 other person? Heck no! You can have a party all by yourself. I love to use all my dishes, glasses, linens. Why are you waiting to use all that stuff? Yes, I have even eaten pizza off china plates! It really isn’t had to have a party and make it look spectacular. Limit your menu choices and lay out all the serving dishes the night before. Think about where your guests will congregate and how much space they will need. And please please, please… no plastic or paper if you can manage. After all, you DO have a dishwasher, right?

There is something elegant about drinking from an actual glass vs a red solo cup!

Think about traffic flow to the bar, to the food… and if you want them to sit. If you let them sit they are locked into that seat like they are on a long-haul flight to Toyko. I like shorter parties with lots of standing room to keep things active and flowing. You can cheat and use store bought stuff if you surround it with lovely accessories.

Why yes, that is an Almond Coffee Cake from my local grocery. Fresh blueberries, French press coffee and what mini breakfast would not be complete without mimosas! Actually, these images are from a photoshoot for new headshots and I wanted to have a little snacky treat for the photo team. That is why these images are so lovely! Thanks, Andrea Blakesberg!

Remeber it doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun or beautiful! Now that’s confidence!


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