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People will instinctively feel that the next thing you say will be very important. Pausing shows a lot of confidence. You are not worried that someone will take the focus off you or that you’ll get shoved off the conversation, you are confident in your power. When you are activating all your confidence tricks you will have the opportunity to use the pause. It’s been said that super charismatic people make others feel like they are the most important person in the room.

Pausing to absorb what is being said, collecting your thoughts and then shining the spotlight on the other person gains you mucho-lotsa points in the confidence category. This works great when you are in a one-to-one conversation but it also works when you are on stage giving a speech. Using the pause button is really a miracle magic trick. This might seem like a confidence key that you could slide over. Thinking it’s not really as important as a smile or a handshake in the realm of confidence creation. You would be wrong. This is one of those subtle nuances that together with the others create the perfect dish! Like adding salt, a trivial ingredient but no salt on those fries? No way. Pausing is key.

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