What’s all this talk about confidence?

Sail through your presentation

Crush that interview

Face the networking event

Do you need a confidence re-boot?

“Confidence is the key to everything” When you are confident you make better decisions, you look better, hell you even smell better. Confidence lets you roll over all your fears. How many ways can you become more confident… let’s count ’em…together!

Here is where you’d expect to see a laundry list of bio stuff. Instead, I am a creative spirit. I love visual colorful things. Shiny stuff always catches my eye. I’ve been called fearless, confident and unafraid to tell it like it is. That led me to Confidence Coaching. Yes, I have a long work history on both sides of the pond. I believe women just need a cheerleader behind them to help them with the confidence they already have but have been afraid to show.

Confidence is the key to get everything you want!


You have an event, and need a speaker to emote and capture your audience….

Whether I am presenting my theme message of “confidence” or your concept, my style is eloquent, polished and powerful. Voice for hire, creative mind for rent, building your message and delivery is key! I have been called the presentation queen, ruler of PowerPoint and Prezi- creating an effective presentation in slides, print or speech.

confidence wood sun slats


Coaching, what is it about coaching? It really brings your game to the next level.

So wherever you stand on the confidence spectrum, helping you get to your personal next level is my goal. Creating and staging speech, vocal quality, timing, and breathing are the core exercises I use in coaching. Becoming a better speaker and learning to wow your audience, that is what we all strive for, right? Your personal director of sorts, highlighting the great points you have and downplaying your ‘issues’ (we all have them). I’m in your corner, making sure you present a confident pulled, together tailored to fit you, message.


There are messages and then there are mega messages. I have been called the ‘Magic Message Maker’.

By the way, I have been a magicians assistant all my life (my dad is a magician!) so being sawed in half and disappeared, I’ve learned something about attention and direction. Creating vibrant on point content for the web and social media sites is part of my magic. I listen to your ideas and your concepts and write curated content that suits your voice. Nothing artificial here. Old fashioned hard work and care to detail. You want your text to speak directly to your clients… see you are listening to me right now. Magic works!



I have a family pedigree in restaurants. I have a PHD in all things food. (Ok I made that up) This is my lovely passion. How does it relate? There is nothing as trendy or classic as the food industry. It evokes memories and it helps you forget. It’s what we call ‘Lifestyle”.

Lifestyle branding is the “new black” what does that mean? People are not coming to your restaurant to spend $150 on dinner because they are hungry. They are only hungry for one thing and that is experience. Your ambiance, design and menu selections are important however the key to positive customer response is the contact with your “sales staff” – your servers. Usually the only point of branding and customer contact is those beleaguered servers. Increase their confidence and suddenly things run more smoothly, and customer satisfaction increases along with employee satisfaction.

Confidence training, in the food industry, my passion.

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