99, Really?

Yes, I am sure all 99 points of your PowerPoint are totally important but you are forgetting, this isn’t about you. It’s about your audience.

You already know your stuff inside and out and know all the steps that are needed to get to the end goal. You think that you need to relate EVERY detail to the audience however people can only take in so much at one time. A more effective approach is to condense the message to the allotted time and give a prelude to more. Luckily you can always direct interested parties to your website “for more”. Save yourself the agony of speaking to a bored house and end the agony of the poor audience, condense, condense, condense.

How in the world do I decide how to sort out and condense my material? I have a surgically specific solution. Decide what the one thing is that you want the audience to take away and throw out everything else. Cruel I know. Use the easy rule of 3, there is something cosmic about 3.


Create the 3 point answers to these questions and build your message from there.

  •       What are the 3 most important facts you want to relate?
  •       What are the 3 things you would want the audience to take away?
  •       What are the 3 weirdest things about your business?
  •       What are the 3 best suggestions that come from your industry that could help your audience?

(It would have looked so much more effective if I would have only used 3 points right?) But you get my drift; see how bringing up only the 3 most important facts can make your message more interesting.

Perhaps you have a really boring kind of business, sorry I am about to make some enemies here…. Plumbing, roofing, lawn maintenance, something we all need in an emergency but really isn’t  very sexy. Boiling down a message for those businesses using the magic 3 could lead to some interesting conversations!

Just remember it’s not about you, it’s about what your audience will remember.

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