octo1I got a parking ticket.

Maybe that is not a big deal to you. But I have never gotten a parking ticket before.


Funny thing about that $257 ticket; I woke this morning remembering what my therapist from Germany had told me a long tome ago:

he had given me an assignment to get a parking ticket.

Because I can be rigid about rules and correctness,

he said that I needed to go out and deliberately get a ticket.

On purpose!

I couldn’t do it. It’s been 10 years.

I admit I saw clues…

when I got out of the car in the Florida summer rain rushing in to watch football, I did see that faded yellow line but disregarded it, I did see another guy move his car and I did wonder why.

After I came out to find the soaking wet yellow ticket stuck to my windshield, fear gripped me.

I felt sick to my stomach,especially when I read $257. Fear of breaking the rules gripped me.

But when I woke up the next morning, I thought, hey wait… I finally GOT a parking ticket!!!

I was supposed to do this!

Then I looked at closely at the ticket that was now dried and legible… it had magically turned into a $30 ticket!!!

The ticket had been so wet, and I had no glasses on when I read it, the cop had written the violation on the top line corresponding with the $257 amount.

But the box checked and written in was fire lane.

I’ll take fire lane for $30. Was the universe rewarding me because I had finally, fearlessly, broken the rigid law?

Being confident can make some people feel fear, how can you feel it and do it anyway, call mi, I’ll explain.

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