novo26Do you have a job?

How did you make that happen?

Are you married, how did you make that happen?

Are you an ironman participant? How did you start that path?

Action needs to marry motivation. Then things will start to happen.

Motivation is fine and dandy but it has to be connected to action for it to have any effect.

How do the girl scouts sell cookies… they take action by standing in front of the grocery store with boxes in hand.


When you finally get off the couch and go for a 15 min walk – that is the beginning of getting into shape.

Walks turn into runs, into a 5K, then 10K, then a marathon.

Before you know it you’ve signed up for an ironman.

Without action motivation is an angel without wings.

It can’t get off the ground. Sometimes action is simply the verbalization of the goal.

Once you let the universe know you’re serious about it, actions, and opportunities seem to pop out of the woodwork.

Speak your goal aloud, engage your motivation and create an action plan.

Here is another way to describe it.

My trainer has to work around things to keep weight off my knees, rotations, bends, etc.

This morning we tried something new, I gave it a shot and was not really effective.

We altered the plan and still arrived at the same result.

We both recognized that it wasn’t using my full potential so we switched back to something else, modified it into an exercise that worked with my range of motion.

So marry off your motivation to some hot action to get results!

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