shutterstock_171771968 (1)In the sun.

South Florida is inundated with chain restaurants.

That makes getting an interesting meal a bit of a challenge.

If you aspire to something beyond your average Florida fare of grilled chicken Caesar or Mahi sandwich, there is a place for you in Boca.

Some very confident local guys who have a fun burger joint have taken it up a notch and offer truly eclectic fare involving bacon, watermelon, Brussel sprouts (don’t freak out) and other complicated flavors.

Not your typical Boca-babe place,

it seems vacationing hipsters have located and moved into this unique spot.

I love a place that challenges convention,

and every cocktail, appetizer, entrée, right down to the wasabi flavored popcorn at the bar challenges.

I have seen friends who are sworn haters of Brussel spouts swoon over the Chinese gingered seared version.

How does this relate to confidence?

Confidently go to a new restaurant and broaden your culinary horizons!!!

That’s how!

Are you in Boca?

See you at the Rebel House, 297 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL.

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