shutterstock_119045938Be heard.

Timidity is unflattering.

Being faint of heart is living life in the shallow end.

Go ahead and ask,

unembarrassed to be here and now and having a request.

Confidence allows you to ask, out loud.

That doesn’t mean that you are rude or disrespectful.

Do you think Martha Stewart or Bill Gates whispers when they make a request?

Asking to be heard is a human right that we are lucky enough to enjoy in our western world.

Just like when your mom made you eat the broccoli on you plate because of the starving children in another country,

speak up and speak loudly because you can and others can’t.

You can speak up for a cause, you can speak up for your views you can speak up to get the last cupcake at the bakery, but with a smile!

Ever hesitate when you are making a tricky turn?

No you don’t,

because you know you will lose against that oncoming traffic.

Same thing,

don’t hesitate, make the commitment to speak up.

Waiting or hesitating will get you run over by the pack behind you.

Be heard now, get your confidence boost.


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