shutterstock_152293880January is almost over.

You have used up 1 of your 12 months that you get this year.

How are your plans coming along?

Have you already dropped your resolutions?

Why does our motivation lapse?

Maybe that goal or resolution didn’t hold enough weight for you.

Maybe there was no passion behind it.

Maybe it was what you thought you ‘should’ do, not necessarily what you wanted to do.

If your resolution was to get to eat pizza or ice cream I bet you would not have any problem attaining that goal.

I know I wouldn’t.

But out goals and resolutions are sometimes made of hard stuff, stuff that is not so fun.

So the key to that particular door is to make sure that your goals are connected to fun.

Why do kids just want to have fun and not work?

Because it’s FUN, silly!

Take a look at your goals and see if you can ramp them up with some fun.

One of my goals is getting more fun in my life.

Let me help you add fun to yours!

Fun times ahead! Tell me how you’ve added fun to your life.

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